Suraj Varma phone: +44 797 190 2803

Creating highly personalised and effective treatments, Suraj combines the best of traditional therapies, including Ayurvedic massage, Prana healing and Reflexology, with a variety of Western techniques such as Aromatherapy, Lymphatic drainage and Hot stone therapy.

Suraj's highly individualised approach means that no two treatments are exactly the same - he begins each session by listening to his clients and understanding their needs. Only then will he proceed with a combination of techniques best suited to solve the problem.

His treatments are known for their ability to pinpoint problem areas and provide long-lasting results, whether it is for stress management, backache, insomnia, poor circulation, stiff muscles, or more complicated illness related to the imbalance of Tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha).

About Suraj

After earning his certificates and completing an apprenticeship from Coimbatore Arya vaidya shala, Suraj went to New Delhi to work as an Ayurvedic therapist. Suraj was then promoted to Senior massage therapist at the Five-Star Sheraton Doha, Qatar, which opened a new world and the opportunity to work with high profile clients, including Sheikhs of the ruling family, politicians from all over the world, business leaders and professional athletes.

With a growing reputation, Suraj was hired by the leading UK spa company E’Spa, to create unique signature treatments, including the ‘Holistic Balancing’ at the award-winning ONE SPA in Edinburgh.

Suraj’s natural healing ability and empathetic approach caught the attention of Dr Mosaraf Ali, founder of The Integrated Medical Centre, London. Suraj joined Dr Ali’s celebrated practice, where he was able to provide deeper levels of healing work to his clients.

Suraj then became a consultant therapist at London’s fashionable Blakes Hotel, and a Senior Therapist at the award-winning Chancery Court spa.

Suraj travels the world as a freelance Holistic therapist. He's also a regular Visiting practitioner for Six Senses Spas.

Success & satisfaction

Suraj has featured in Vogue and Tatler for his treatments.

One of Suraj’s most challenging assignments was working on location for Academy Award winning filmmakers Merchant Ivory.

His greatest satisfaction comes from helping others achieve a harmonious balance and a pure feeling of wellbeing.

As he reveals, “Every time I give a client a treatment, I want them to feel it was the best they ever had”.